Monday, March 31, 2008

...than the Road that Leads to Heaven!

I can't believe it, but I am actually starting a blog. I'm not sure what led me to this. Part of me would like to blame the fact that Facebook has been blocked at work for several months now; while the other part of me is slowly starting to face the fact that there are not enough minutes in my day to put a pen to a piece of paper and actually journal, the old fashioned way. (I journalled for 10 consecutive years up until last year when I got a full time job.)

I'm not quite sure where online journaling is going to take me. Most of those who know me would probably be shocked to hear that I have started a blog...which may mean that it will take a while for me to tell any of my friends! I have always been a very private person; rarely speaking about myself except to extremely close friends. The only reason for this is not because I am hiding some deep, dark life; rather I love listening to other people and their much more interesting lives!

I hope that this blog becomes an instrument of the Holy Spirit. Check out the blogs listed under "My Inspirations" that are instruments. They have helped me so much-- Just reading them when I'm having a bad day lifts my spirits and enables me to do whatever it is that I am called to do for that day. And as everything else in my life; this is dedicated to Jesus through Mary.