Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections, a Pictorial Essay

2011 was a wonderful year.  As it draws to an end, unlike other years when I am craving that first chime of midnight to ring in new changes, I am actually a little sad to see 2011 go.

2011 was a fun year.

It was the first full year in our home.

Where we started with many empty rooms in our house, we got to add some things... this $6,000 desk that we got for a few bucks when the furniture store across from work closed.
(note: picture from google.  the safari and rocks look is so not my style.)

In 2011, we also bought our first computer in over 6 years.  You should see has the internet and everything!

Of course, 2011 was more than just buying things and turning our house into a home.

We reconnected with friends and met new people.

We enjoyed a visit from Roxy at our Virginia homestead, and had a blast hanging out in DC.  7 months later we reconnected again at our old stomping grounds at Lake George.  It was great to finally meet her husband.

We also met our little niece for the first time.  I had the privledge and honor of becoming her godmother.
There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than a baby in a Christening gown.

In April, we attended our first "Monte Carlo Night" in Culpeper.  It was surprisingly fun for a Vegas-meets-central-Virginia themed fundraiser.  We met a couple there who quickly became our closest "Culpeper" friends.  I am so grateful that we decided to go to that party that night.

(another google gem).

Also during the past year, Jim and I decided to take up a part-time weekend job together, selling buffalo and pork meat for a local farm at a market in DC.
We have thousands of stories after working there for less than a year.
One of the perks is, we get to meet several people who we recognzied from TV:

like Kal Penn from House.

Also met:
Nate Appleman

Mary Beth from Next Food Network Star 

And a personal hero...Steve Ells, founder of Chipotle.

Yet, of course I was only brave enough to capture a picture with...

(my first ever "fat" pic)

Some things that I learned in 2011:

It is so much easier to cut the grass with one of these bad boys.

 Just because I have a tripod doesn't mean I know how to use
the self-timer.

Sadie spends her free time contemplating the meaning of life by staring
out the back window.

 Strolling through greenhouses makes for very fun date.

 Springtime makes any house shine.

 "Cake pops" were a success.

 We can teach our dogs just about anything.

 ...Including how to properly groom and care for oneself.

 A clean kitchen makes for a happy marriage. (!!!)

My husband's cooking just gets better each year.

Our dogs are such kiss-ups.

Virginia signed up for that whole "earthquake" thing.

Some of the accomplishments this year...

Winning $10 at the horse races...woo hoo!

Sadie learned to dive.

The whole family made it up the Gazebo Mountain.

Building and planting a garden...

...that yielded fruit for 4 months and saved us mucho money
on groceries.
Our first EVER watermelon!  (trust me, been trying to grow these things
for years.)

A delicious fresh-off-the farm turkey for Thanksgiving.

Christmas decorations a success.

A few of my favorite photos from 2011:

My 29th, my niece's 1st.

A very grumpy niece who would sooo much prefer to be on
Uncle Jimmy's lap.

The view from my backyard at dawn.

The view from my backyard at dusk.

2011, you were a great year.  I will miss you and will always remember you fondly.
Please pass your secrets on to 2012!