Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer: Lake George Vacation

We spent a week at Lake George again this year.  It was a week full of relaxing, laughter with friends and family, and some adventures with the dogs.  The week always goes by too quickly, but we always spend the next year anticipating our next trip!  Here are a few pictures:)
 We hiked up Sunrise Mountain one day.  I was on this hike when I found out about Robin Williams' passing, and that is what I will always think of now when I think of Sunrise Mountain.  It's hard to stay up on current events at Lake George because we don't have a tv, internet, and there is no cell service (love that!).  My friend Amber told me about it on the way up the mountain, as her friend had seen it on the newspaper earlier that morning.

I was SO excited to learn before our trip that we would be seeing one of the "supermoons" of the summer while at the lake; which meant seeing it come up over the mountain!  Amber and I found the perfect spot to set up our tripods and camp out while we waited for the moon to rise.  (We went to the neighbors' for the best view!)  The next few pictures are the August supermoon rise, and some of the moon over the lake, making it very bright and looking like daytime.

 This is taken at 10 pm, shortly after the moon rose!  It was so calm and beautiful.

One of our neighbors' houses.  So cozy.

We rented a boat on the warmest day of the week.  Here are a few shots:

 We had such a wonderful time catching up with life-long friends.  My cousin was there for the week as well with her son and husband:

Me + Tracey = BFF!

My niece and I having fun one afternoon.  (photo by Erinn Spack)
We had some fun nights at the campfire (photo by Erinn Spack)
Lastly, a hummingbird that Opa keeps well-fed:)

Until next year!

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Summer (Part Bobby's Visit)

2014 was a great summer!  There were several highlights.  One of the best was my favorite nephew coming to visit!

This is how every out-of-town visitor who is flying in starts.  I sit at my desk at work, hitting "refresh" every few seconds, until I see that they are descending.  It is torture and like watching water boil!!!!


Of course, we had to take a pit stop at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. 

Sadie and Bobby picked up right where they left off- goofing around and catching up:)

 I highly recommend Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson!  We took our friends there in January (which embarrassingly enough was my first time!  oops!).  It is definitely a place for children and adults.  Bobby loved it!  As did Jim's mom.

 Using an old fashioned camera.

The gardens there were beautiful.  They grow every vegetable and herb you can imagine.  I took about 50 photos because I wanted to capture all the ideas down!  You're welcome for not posting them all :)
We had lunch at the tavern at Monticello where they served southern food buffet style, by candle light.  Outside of the tavern, they had an area where you could play old fashioned games.  Here's a blurry shot of Bobby trying his hand at one.
Fortunately there was a carnival in town the weekend that Bobby was here!  He loved it, and even won me a goldfish.... (RIP Mr. Skittles:(  )


 More fun at home....

It had been a few years since Bobby had been to visit.  One of his favorite memories though, was tasting the oil and vinegar at the local shop.  He begged us to go back.  However, it wasn't quite as he remembered, as evidenced in this picture!!!!

 We hung out at the pool for a few days...

We took him to the local farmer's market, where he picked out this unusual peach.

Jim smoked two different types of meat, wow!!!!  I am drooling just looking at this picture again!  Delicious!!  

When Bobby was little, he couldn't say "Auntie"; it always came out "Tummie".  To this day, he calls me "Tummie Emmie".
He told me to close my eyes at one of the antique shops that we were in.  I obliged, only to open them and see this!!!  I think it would be so cool to have this picture framed.  Bobby is a very sweet child and I look forward to his next visit!