Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make Me Smile

"I'm so happy that you love me. Life is lovely when you're near me. Tell me you will stay, make me smile." -Chicago

Things that are currently Making Me Smile:

1. My boss takes time to thank me for my work at the end of each day. (It's the little things...)

2. Jim has been reading the Bible to me at night (at least on nights when I don't fall asleep at 8:26 pm...) I've never read the Bible. I listen to a Christian Radio show on my way to work (shoutout to Family Life Today), they are always referencing the Old Testiment. I feel silly, but if it's not about Noah, Moses, Adam or Eve - I am lost. (Shoutout to my highschool Old Testament teacher, who rarely showed up for class.) So Jim is reading it to me. :)

3. Talking to my niece and nephew on skype. My nephew called took one look at my t-shirt and proudly announced: "The Chicago Tigers!" which my husband responded, "Kid, we need to talk." Nephew and I laughed for about 20 minutes.

4. Speaking of niece and nephew, we are taking our first vacation of the summer to see them next week, for my niece's Baptism!

5. Sweet Frog opened. Need I say more?

5. Recently discovered this beauty, my childhood summers now come in an alcoholic beverage:

The Smores Martini - only $3.99 on Fridays

6. Paella day at the farmers market:

7. And while this is not our display at the farmers market, this is the view that we get to enjoy, every Sunday, from 8:30-1 pm.