Friday, April 1, 2011

What Message Am I Sending?

This is absolutely embarrassing. Embarrassing, yet eye-opening.

I keep a tracker on my blog. You know, so I can see how many people love me on a daily and weekly basis, and important stuff like what town they read from. That's about all the information I am ever given. (I can't in turn stalk my stalkers, so please don't worry.) Today I discovered that there is another feature that I can see on my tracker. And it startled me.

You know how when you are google-ing something like "yellow labs in cottonelle commericals", and sometimes you can wind up on some unknown victim's blog? Well, apparently that happens often to my own. So often, in fact, that my tracker has a convenient list to let me know exactly what was typed into google/search engine that led a person to my blog's front doorstep. "Genius!" I thought. Until I looked further.

Look here:

Look closer:
Wow. I don't even know what to say. Is this the long lost brother-in-Christ that was standing behind me in the confession line that day, trying at last to track me down? Or is this some perv that probably needs to be standing in a confession line. For those who don't know, this is clearly linked to this blog post.

Well, 4.00% of my google-search readers, I hope you found what you were looking for. And if not, I hope you at least enjoyed my story which I tried my hardest to tell from a Christian perspective, complete with guilt and morals.

So please, go about your merry ways and remember, if you ever find yourselves forgetting the name of my blog and you are not one of my 5 beloved followers, you know what to google.

A special note to those who may be in charge of engraving my gravestone in the future: please don't let these words be the legacy you think I am leaving behind.

Thank you.

Yee-Haw. A Top 10.

It is a known fact that country music has the best fans over any other genre. Fans stick with their favorite artists throughout the decades, no matter what. To prove this, I have come up with a top 10 list that I compiled during a recent indulgence in my newly-found favorite hobby: watching country music videos from the 90s on youtube. (SO much fun...and a great distraction since Facebook is being given up for Lent.) The selfless me felt naturally inclined to copy these down to share them with you, my blog reader. May you enjoy them at least half as much as I did.

Here they are, in a very particular order (with no editing done, which trust me, is very painful) :

10. “This was me and my exboyfrienes song. He was going to sing it to me at our wedding but then found him cheating on me with my ex best friend so we never did get married. That was ten years ago but everyonce in a while have to listen to the song still love it.”
-More Than You’ll Ever Know Travis Tritt

9. “Don't those sexy, weepy eyes of his get ya goin'”
-(I prefer to read this with a thick, southern draw) State of Mind Clint Black

8. “Does clint have any american indian ancestory in him just curious.”
-(Because I nor these fans could help ourselves) State of Mind (again) Clint Black

7. “When youre alone and bored and maybe have a drink or two in you, aint nothin better than listenin to ol Dwight whine about love..”
-Back of Your Hand Dwight Yoakam

6. “My truck broke down and I had to walk to work for a couple of days till I fixed it. It was just a couple of miles but for some reason this song would always end up in my head as I was walking and it wouldn't seem so bad.”
-State of Mind Clint Black

5. “Is it legal to wear your pants that tight. Wow!!!”
-A Thousand Miles from Nowhere Dwight Yoakam (ew)

4. “This song goes through your head right before you take a stand for your own foolish pride (its a decision usually fueled by large amounts of alcohol).”
-You’ve Got to Stand for Something Aaron Tippin

3. Dwight is my absolute fav now & has been 4 alot of years, will always be. I thought with my health that if there were anyone I would like to see besides Jesus, it is him. Love Him Always!!!
-Back of Your Hand Dwight Yoakam

2. “My girlfriend of 1 year, 1 month, and 14 days broke up with me 7 months ago and I feel like a stone she has picked up and thrown to the hard, rock bottom of her heart. Teenage girls can be so cruel :( “
-Hard Rock Bottom Randy Travis
(I swear I did not edit this is any way...the count was there as clear as that sad face.)

1. “If you love something set it free....If it comes back to you get a restraining order.”
-You’re Gonna Miss Me Brooks & Dunn