Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Can't Wait for Spring!

This time of year is so long and hard for me!  It's dark when I leave for work, dark when I come home.  I have no energy on the weekends because it's usually so overcast and depressing.  I found myself aching for signs of spring the other day.  (Mainly due to a recent unseasonably warm day of 60-ish degrees!)

So as I was cleaning up my house this morning, I came up with this list of reasons why I cannot wait until Spring!

1)  Electric and gas bill will practically disappear!  Gotta love when you can turn off the heat and not yet turn on the air conditioning in the same month, and open up the windows!

2)  I long for tree-frogs and birds chirping.  Seriously, is there a more relaxing sound at dusk?

3)  I am ready to plant my garden!  I am tired of checking the produce section at the grocery store to see which country my plants are coming from.  Tomatoes from Venezuela?  Thanks anyway. 

4)  Bright colors of nature  There's the locally grown hydrangeas, the tulip festival, Bradford pear blossoms.  What a mood-lifting season!

Pick-your-own local tulips!

4)  My dogs are going stir-crazy.  Which means I do not sleep well at night:)

Spring means no more playing indoors!
5) What color is my car?  I cannot tell due to the build-up of salt, sand and mud.

(No pic, you're welcome!)

6)  Social life will resume.  Doesn't it feel like everyone stays inside all winter?  The streets are silent, stores are empty.  Then suddenly, as spring emerges: farmer's markets, kids playing outside, neighbors bonding through fences.  I can't wait!

Hurry, Spring.  You are my favorite season!