Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of Jim's Gems

Since I introduced a new feature in my last entry that highlights my husband's funny quotes was such a big hit, (seriously, I'm up followers by 40% and up daily hits by a lot of %), I thought I'd document a few more:


After explaining a juicy story in great detail about what I thought that someone had said at work, I warned:

"...but don't quote me."

"I try not to." - Jim

(me, every afternoon after picking Jim up at work)

After George had stolen half of a tray of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake (it's a real thing)
earlier that morning, Jim got home from work, swung open the front door, and upon seeing George prancing around declared:

"You're alive!!!!!!"  - Jim


I had spent some time one afternoon finishing laundry completely.  This included the rarity of putting the folded laundry away in it's proper places, as well as the clothes on hangers into the closet.
Normally, Jim would travel from laundry room to dresser to closet and back to each again at the start of each day to track down that day's attire.
The day after my domesticness:

"Wow, it sure feels great to do some one-stop shopping."  - Jim

(Sorry, no picture of this.  You're welcome.)

After day number 8759843 of carpooling together, between my gossipy work stories (see first photo above), Jim was trying to listen to the faint background static that consisted of espn radio.
When the DJ's guest was explaining that the guys on such-and-such basketball team were slacking because they were playing in games for 38 minutes,
I tried to sound interested:

"So basically they are slacking because they are in the game for so long, and
therefore think they are hot stuff?" - me

"No."  -Jim

(looooong pause)

"Shall we just leave it at that?" - me

"Yes.  But thanks for playing."  - Jim

I feel your pain, Sister.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim's Gems

During my first (almost) 4 years of marriage, I have come to this belief:
A husband possessing a sense of humor is essential to a marriage's success.
(and of course their wives that appreciate it and can play along).

I started taking note of all of the funny things that Jim says on a daily basis, and noticed a trend
happening across the blog world of wives doing the same, but blogging them.

I love the idea of wives sharing their husband's witty words and think it can be funny and also beneficial
with relating with one another and encouraging each other's marriages.

So, I will do the same.  Without further ado, I present Jim's Gems:

While I was watching a new(?) show on TLC, the announcer was explaining the basis of the cat-fight-esque show:
"...And all 4 brides will have a chance to attend and then rate each other's wedding!  The bride with the most points in the end receives their dream Honeymoon!  Thank you for watching '4 weddings!' "
"....and maybe a funeral"  - Jim, from the next room


After jumping on the iPhone bandwagon last a few weeks back and downloading the first free app that I could find...I whined:
"You won 'Ant Smasher'??  How did you do that, I've been trying to get past level 1 for 3 weeks, but I keep accidentally smashing the bee instead."
"You have to tap....strategically." - Jim

(We carpool together now, hence all the misleading 'free time')


After realizing that jumping on bandwagons was infact fun, I challenged Jim in "Words with Friends":

" 'Bo'???  You cannot make fun of me for my last word, 'ho'." - me
"You inspired me." - Jim


"Why didn't I get that double word!!!!!" - me
"Because I got it.  First come first serve baby!" - Jim


(after my 50-something point move)
" 'Arbor' ????  What the hell!!!!!" - Jim


While putting away Christmas decorations, Jim bravely asked me to hand him the box of open ornament hooks, which I immediately dropped and watched scatter all over the floor:

"...pretend I'm not a klutz."  - me
(without changing voice tone/expression)  "I don't have enough time."  -Jim

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sadie's First and Last Time in Trouble

This story is a few months old...but it is worth telling for two reasons.

1. It's pictures are full of gardens, autumn, and warmer days.
2. It proves that Sadie has gotten in trouble...once.

It all started one October evening when I noticed that Sadie's breath smelled like fresh peppers and tomatoes. Not wanting to complain, as it trumped her normal breath, I let it go.
Afterall, you cannot scold a dog for doing something it did in the past- you have to catch them in the act.

Well, not wanting to make her mother look like a lax parent, Sadie gave me the opportunity to scold.

About an hour after the breath was noticed, I noticed that Sadie was MIA. Which was rare.

That's when I looked out of the 2nd story window and saw this:

I couldn't believe my eyes!!! And just when I thought it couldn't get
any worse, this happened:

Since Jim was distracted doing something unimportant like paying bills upstairs, I decided
I should take just one more picture as proof...

...before heading downstairs and out the backdoor to catch her in the act...
As soon as she heard the basement door open...

Sadie immediately knew that she was busted. She spent about 30 seconds trying to desperately remember how she managed to get into the garden to begin with...
...and how to get out once again.

She finally decided on a tiny 3" gap that she forced her 60 pound body through.

Please note the extremely stressed out look upon her face.

Also note: NO scolding had begun at this moment. I was merely standing there quietly,
snapping photos.

And that was that. She felt SO guilty for getting caught that I didn't even have to say a thing.

I didn't have to scream "NO!" or "SHOO!"

I didn't have to put her in a corner or shake my finger.

Since that warm October day, Sadie has not even batted an eye toward the devil on her shoulder.
Sadie's conscience is bigger than any punishment could ever be.

On the other hand, George is STILL trying to figure out how on earth she squeezed in there.

Try again in 2012, buddy. There will be other gardens to chase...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joyful Resolutions

As awesome as 2011 was, I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be even better.
My theme for the new year is JOY.

I know that this will be a joyful year.
For starters, my best friend is getting married in June!
And my favorite cousin is getting married in September!
Both weddings are going to be the weddings of the century!!!!!

I want to celebrate joy with my husband through being the best wife that I can be.
I want to experience joy through daily duties- like housework and project completing.

I made my Resolutions this year to be centered around JOY.

I LOVE making New Years Resolutions.

There's something about that last digit in the year switching from a 1 to a 2
(or whatever it is each year)
that motivates me and pumps me up for change!

This year I've set forth a more challenging list of resolutions.
And sharing them with you, my faithful reader, is what helps me stick to them.

This is a boring, self-explanatory one.
My goal is to get rid of all sorts of clutter (although my husband always says:
"what clutter?")
(which makes me secretly smile and think my job will be easy).

My hope is that this brings even more joy to our home.

I found this online and thought it would be a helpful guide to follow along with.

What a simple way to bring joy into others' lives!
I have said this before on my blog, but I really really really really miss writing letters.
In highschool, I used to write one letter each day.
And I usually got answers to my letters, which means I was getting mail several days a week!
It's my goal in 2012 to write more letters.  At least one a week.
A small challenge compared to what I did back in highschool.
(But considering I don't have a boring geography class to sit through today...should still be a challenge.)
I am not even looking for responses, although it'd be pretty sweet to get mail other than cell phone and car bills!
The great thing about writing letters other than potentially making someone's day is the fact that you have that letter/card forever.
I have boxes of letters that I have received throughout the years.
It's so fun to go through and read some.  It represents that part of my life.
This is my biggest goal this year, and I am thinking about also tweaking it a bit during Lent to turn
it into something sacrificial.

How peaceful.

Ok, this one is a major stretch, and has a selfish reason behind it (to bring joy to me).
I have 6 followers on blogger right now.  My goal is to write in my blog often enough to gain more followers.
Say, to 12?
I know it can be done because other greats before me have had hundreds/thousands of followers.
I know I have lotsa readers out there, but I hope to gain some more followers.
Wouldn't that be cool?
Unless of course "following" is so 2009, and the cool thing to do now is to merely add the blog to the favorites bar.
In that case, I just hope to up my readership.  No specific number in mind on that one.

I have a lot I want to do in the coming year as far as this category goes.
I want to:
make George a dog bed (he uses Sadie's and it's too small for him)
finally get around to designing and decorating our bedroom
learn how to refinish furniture.

That is it for now.  There are a few more private ones that I won't share until they are actually fulfilled.
Like my financial goals.
Which, so far, we are already off to a great start.

Happy 2012 to everyone!  May it be the most joyful one yet!