Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I don't even know what NCAA stands for.

I probably shouldn't be admitting that right now. I just received an email that I almost deleted, but decided not to for some reason. It was from a guy named Jonathan- which just sounds like a spamalicious name - and he was talking about a pool (swimming, I assumed). I opened it, casually skimmed if seeing if hot tubes were included, and saw my name and the name of my town. Still thinking it was a scam, my eyes caught "$1000 prize winner!" and I read closer. The email read:

Congratulations to North Carolina for winning the tournament, and special congratulations to our Bracket Challenge Winner - Emily C. of Haymarket, VA. Emily won the bracket by scoring 50 points, then claiming 1st place by winning the total cumulative score prediction tie-breaker - and will receive our grand prize of $1,000 Cash!

That's me! And it is true! My bracket...that I entered literally at the last minute on the True Oldies 105.9 fm's website...won out of everyone! All those people who are glued to their ESPN television sets all year long...keeping stats and taking score...memorizing people's last names and how tall they are, etc etc. And then there's me. I think the title of this post says it all. :)

I should mention though, that my husband had designed the bracket, I just entered it in on the website. Just for fun.

Sorry it's hard to see, but that's me up top, out of thousands of sports fanatics!