Saturday, March 10, 2012

Work Words

"This is like putting tacks into my fingernail!" - mr. x after an especially difficult day


"Tell him to go open a window, I hope it's on the 12th floor, and take a flying jump!!!"  - mr x. on another difficult day


"We need to massively put the expectations below (violently bends down to floor and starts rubbing it) SEA LEVEL!!"  - mr x.


"I dont want to see another award from you guys.  If I get another one of those 'oh thanks for the business' awards, I'm going to send it back!!" - mr x., arguing with someone else very important over the phone

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Very First Pinterest Projects, aka Sadie Strikes Again

I knew almost immediately as I set my eyes on my first ever "pin" last September that I'd be an addict.  Especially after the high success of my first project.

The pin displayed the following:

Make your own dog toys.  Out of old sweaters.
All you had to do was print out a picture of a bone, trace it on to two pieces of fabric, and sew the two together with stuffing in the middle. 

It was almost too easy!  As a (very) beginner and self-taught sewer, I felt over-confident after I finished these bad boys out of some spare fabric:

 ignore the drool marks, admire the clean floor

Also known as:

...but that's another story...

Sadie was very, very impressed with my skills, however she didn't quite grasp the whole "this is a toy" concept.

She carried them around so extremely delicately, as if they were a fine piece of china.

With elevated esteem, I quickly decided on my next sewing-for-the-dogs project, shown on pinterest as so:

Mine actually came out somewhat recognizable:


Sadie took to it almost immediately:

It was love at first sight for Sadie.  Infact, I should have known that something was off the way that she was handling the toy bones, months and months on end without even trying to gnaw through it.  She carried those toy bones with her everywhere.  She couldn't sleep without them, eat without them, or even go to the bathroom outside without them by her side.

The bed, however... well, destiny had written a different story for the bed.

I came home to this today:

I made her pose next to the remnants of the bed, even though she was mortified, heart broken, and missing her bones.

Those darn bones are still in mint condition, for anyone interested.