Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Review: Opus 9, Williamsburg, VA

Opus 9 Steakhouse
5143 Main St., Williamsburg, VA 23188

Menu: Sunday Brunch

Jim and I decided to take a little weekend getaway earlier this summer.  We wanted to drive no further than 2 hours, so we settled on Williamsburg.  My only request was to go outlet shopping.  Jim's only request was to find a Sunday brunch.

To me, Sunday brunch was the meal {sausage gravy} that took so long for me to make {3+ hours?}, that it was AFTER breakfast but before lunch before it was ready.  To Jim, you went to mass on Sundays and then went out to brunch.  Once he moved to Virginia, he realized that Sunday brunch isn't really popular.  There are not many restaurants in our town or surrounding ones that serve it.

So I looked to google.  I found Opus 9 through a "Top 10 Williamsburg Restaurants" list.

We arrived just as the restaurant was opening for the day.

We were the first ones seated.  We were offered mimosas or bloody Marys, which I turned down!!!  {ONLY because I had a rough day on Saturday at Busch Gardens.}  Suddenly, a man came and sat down at the piano that was sitting right next to our table.  A bassist soon joined him.  They played the entire time!

The brunch set up was amazing.  There were the typical omelet, waffle and carving stations.  But there was so much more.  There were crab cakes, grits, jambalaya, etc!!!  The dessert spread was the length of the bar.  I ate so much!

It was so good, that we are considering going back one of these Sundays, only to eat brunch and then drive back.  (and not outlet-shop!  yeah right.)

Price: $24.95/person.  Very reasonable for the spread.

Score: 5 out of 5

Tips:  -Make a reservation!  
           -Private rooms for parties.
           -Do not go to Busch Gardens the day before.
           -St. Bede Catholic Church is about five minutes away.  We went to the 9 am mass to be at         brunch when they opened.  And to sneak in a little shopping in between, muah ha ha.