Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Black Friday: 3 1/2 weeks and counting

This year in honor of Black Friday, I entered a contest to win $1000 shopping spree to Best Buy, a limo ride to/from the store, and some other cool stuff.

The assignment was to, in 250 words or less, explain how you celebrate Black Friday. Since 50% of the judging was on creativity, I decided to write a poem.

Presenting...My Black Friday Poem:

There is a day that comes 'round every 12 months or so-
In the middle of each town's paper, the ads start to show.
My girlfriends start calling, "Let's plan this event-
Do we spend the night this year? How bout a tent?"
Our men all start groaning, recalling their moms and aunts
While visions of dollar signs fly from the pockets of their pants.
Just as the leftovers are sealed with Saran-
It's to the drawing board to map out my plan.
"At 3:35 I'll arrive at the mall
Make my way up Elm Street in my mini U-Haul."
The first stop is Best Buy to get my brother a game
I bump into his girlfriend who is there for the same.
If all goes as planned I'll hit 12 stores by two
And to think that men refer to the mall as the zoo!
I've even heard them call Black Friday "a prison"
Just because we come home well-after the moon's risen!
They'll take back their spite when Christmas Eve arrives
With their gifts under the tree, THEN they'll forgive their wives.
You see, without these women, who would do the shoppin'?
The coupon cutting, the standing-in-lines, and all the mall-hoppin.
For every December, on that Christmas night
Each man leans to their woman, and tells them it's alright.
"Thanks for the watch babe, and that new cologne spray-
Boy, am I glad you went out on BLACK FRIDAY."

Stay tuned. Winners announced by Nov. 24.

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