Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Fun

Oh how I love the feeling of a Friday afternoon. Saturday morning is my favorite day of the week. Which makes Friday almost as good since I spend the entire day anticipating Saturday, and dreaming up plans about what projects I want to work on over the 48-hour break from work.

This weekend's plans include (so far):

1. Help my aunt rearrange some furniture at her house.

2. Get my rear tires replaced at 7:30 am Sat. (No sleeping in this weekend!)

3. Taking George to his swim lesson. This will be his 4th week going. Since we've been taking him, his limp has completely gone away! This saves us the anxiety of worrying about future surgeries, as well as saddness for our pup!

4. HOPEFULLY get up to Chrysallis Winery and pick up my past 2 wines-of-the-month. And maybe take my mom for her first tasting!

5. Work on my 3+ year project...that's almost nephew's scrapbook! I have to add a family tree to the last page, and a letter to him on the first page, and then I'm pretty much done! If I keep it in my possession much longer, I'm going to keep re-doing pages! I guess you can say that I am my Opa's granddaughter - he is notorious for re-writing church music that he's already written.

6. Church Sunday morning at 8:30 am!

I love the weekend! Thank you Lord for 52 of them a year!!

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