Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing: Miss Sadie, an Interview

Miss Sadie

Meet Sadie, our new yellow Lab puppy. Jim has been asking for a second dog for a long time now, and the time was finally right. We checked out a few local kennels, found the perfect one and went home and puppy-proofed away. She's a perfect addition to our little family.

I was fortunate enough to catch Sadie not napping earlier today and sit down and chat with her. Here's the text version of our talk:

Me: Good morning Sadie. How has your first week as a member of the Conrad family been?

Sadie: It's only been one week?? It seems like I've been here forever.

Me: Well, yes, that is a reflection of how well you fit into our family.

Sadie: Yes. The first few days were easy for me, but a bit rough on George. He wasn't quite ready to share his place. But it only took him a short time to welcome me.

Me: Oh yeah? How did he do that?

Sadie: Well he let me play with his coveted bunny. Then I laid down on his rug next to him, and he didn't growl at me.

Me: That's sweet. What's your favorite memory of this past week?

Sadie: All the visitors! You and Daddy sure have some nice friends. Catherine, Morgan, Mama U...all they want to do is hold me. And cuddling is my favorite thing to do! It reminds me of my brothers and sisters back home in Maryland.

Me: Well you certainly are hard to resist, Miss Sadie. What are you looking forward to most as a Conrad family member?

Sadie: Swimming. I can't wait until I've received all of my shots and can go to the pool on Saturday mornings with my big brother. He told me it's over-rated, but I have webbed feet and am ready for the water!

Me: That's good. I'm sure you'll fit in well at the pool.

Sadie: I hope so. Hey Mommy, guess what?

Me: What?

Sadie: I've been awake for 10 minutes, time for another nap.

Me: Ok, thanks for stopping by Sadie.

Sadie: Zzzzzzz.....

Miss Sadie, fast asleep in the front flower bed.

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