Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Birthday Post, for my Birthday-Love.

Dear Husband,

I've tried to describe to you once or twice before the feeling that I get when I first wake up. I know we wake up differently each morning (you are always wide-eyed, handsome and ready-to-go, while I take a lot more personal-convincing that I must detach myself from my dreams and face reality), so I will do my best to express it.

I wake up at the same minute each day. I have such a fine-tuned internal clock that I have not needed an alarm clock in years. As soon as the clock switches to that minute, my dreams are immediately interupted with a mental check list that I find myself running through each morning:

"Where am I?" That's right, we bought our own house!

"Why are my legs numb?" Aww we have a dog named George! He loves sleeping on me.

"Where did these rings come from on my left hand?" That's right! He chose me!

And right about this point, you wake up and give me a hug.

I believe in the past I have described it as this: "Every morning when I wake up, I can't believe I'm married". What a poor explanation for the true feelings that come rushing through my soul. The truth is, this mental check list has only made its debut into my morning routine since I met you, because since that day, I have been in such disbelief that my life was to end up so beautifully. I cannot believe that I was created and formed by God to be loved in such a way that only you could provide. And what a beautiful, God-given love it is! Your love is unselfish, fruitful and above all, patient. And God knows He needed to create the most patient of men for me!

The other day you said to me, "We have such a great life." We shared outloud blessings in our life: our dogs that are obsessed with us, our house which is our valued investment, our jobs that we both love. I could not agree with you more, our life is wonderful. There is one thing I'd like to add to that list, and that is the gift of you. Without you, your encouragement and wisdom, none of those things would exist in our lives. Thank you for being a true man and leading us on a path towards heaven where blessings abound.

Tonight will be the 6th birthday that I've been blessed to share with you. After we open a few gifts, enjoy some (ice cream?) cake, I will go off to bed. I will pray as usual, thanking God over and over for you. Approximately 8 hours later, when my internal alarm goes off, I will replay once again the disbelief that you are mine, and that your love is real.

Thank you for that love that is so unique to you, and made so uniquely for me.


Your Wife

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So sweet!