Sunday, March 13, 2011

Camp Conrad

Spring has officially begun at Camp Conrad. Clocks were turned ahead this morning, the family "Couch to 5k" has begun and currently there is an orchestra of tree frogs performing for me outside of my window.

The season was kicked off by one of my all-time favorite singers traveling all the way out to Virginia to perform for me!

The one and only: Sara Evans

Sara serenaded me with four tunes, the first was one of our wedding songs ("A Real Fine Place to Start"). It was wonderful to see her again after 10 years!

Jim worked all day on building jumps for the pups, his early-Spring project. They loved it:

Our future Westminster star, at Camp Conrad

I adore this time of year, it is by far my favorite. There is something about being cooped up all winter long, only to have one weekend where suddenly that mold is broken. Windows are opened and projects are instantly started. As mentioned earlier, we even started our family version of "Couch to 5k", or in George's terms: "Ottoman to 5k". I have so many projects in store for this Spring, I cannot even keep track.
As always, fun was had by all:

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