Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One of the Best Nights of the Year

This morning my husband started the day out by asking me, "What are you excited for today?"

Normally, my answer would have been simple:

"Hump day!" or "My ham sandwich!" or "Election signs being removed!"

But no. Today my answer was much more anticipated.

"The CMA's!!!!"

I could write an entire multi-volume series on the history of my obsession of country music: Of how I passed (barely) college english classes with my persuasive essays about how "No Shoes No Shirt No Problem" should have won an award over "Man of Constant Sorrow". About how I had to take up parttime jobs just to pay my parents' phone bill the night after any CMA or ACM awards show in the early 2000's. Or of how I'd go to almost any extreme to put myself at a country concert.

But alas, the awards show is starting in 5 minutes.

So instead, I'll leave you with this. The wall of my bedroom in the house that I rented in college:

No time to edit this now,my apologies to my 7 followers.

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MoX said...

I'M AN EXCLUSIVE FOLLOWER! Never has being one of SEVEN felt so special! sorry bout the month long lapse in reading your blog, I'll do better in the future.