Saturday, March 10, 2012

Work Words

"This is like putting tacks into my fingernail!" - mr. x after an especially difficult day


"Tell him to go open a window, I hope it's on the 12th floor, and take a flying jump!!!"  - mr x. on another difficult day


"We need to massively put the expectations below (violently bends down to floor and starts rubbing it) SEA LEVEL!!"  - mr x.


"I dont want to see another award from you guys.  If I get another one of those 'oh thanks for the business' awards, I'm going to send it back!!" - mr x., arguing with someone else very important over the phone

1 comment:

Grace Marie said...

Oh I love these!

I wish everyone would do husband quotes. They are always the best!!

I came to comment on your crazy nice post that I saw in my reader but I can't find it now. I must be an idiot.

Hope you guys have a fun weekend planned!!