Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Country Drive

I have lived in Culpeper for 4 years now. 
Ever since moving here, I have admired the beauty of the Autumn mornings.  Misty sunrises are breathtaking!  And for 4 years now, I've vowed to get up as early on Saturday as I do the rest of the week to get out and capture the beauty on camera.  And this year, I finally did!
Jim decided to crawl out of bed before sunrise with me.  He was my chauffer and did not mind pulling over and helping me trespass wherever I found a bit of beauty.  Enjoy!
Jim's favorite 


I have passed this old church to and from work every day since 2009.
I finally pulled over and took pictures of it.  I don't know the story behind it, but I just daydream about what kind of history it has seen! 


Another cute church on the out skirts of town.

 My fav pic!  We pulled over on a busy section of Rt. 29 for this shot.
Across the street from our house. 

Our first time visiting this lake that is 5 minutes from our house. 


If you have a favorite, I would love your feedback:)  Even after 4 years of living in this house, our walls are still pretty empty.  I finally have some artwork that I can put up! 

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Lisa said...

Emily. These are incredible!!! You have an amazing eye, and they should all be published!! And can you see that green church from 29? I think we passed it a few weeks ago, and I wished I could take a pict. :)