Sunday, February 23, 2014

Finally, a Taste of Spring

Spring is my favorite season.  It hasn't always been, (as a kid, who doesn't love summer the most?).
But since college, I crave that first hint that Spring is coming.

It happened today.  After the coldest, longest winter in my life, we finally had a taste of spring today.

We opened the windows.  And with that came every chore we've "put off" until Spring.  "Quick!  Clean the oven since the windows are open!"
I dried the sheets outside, giving it the crisp, cool outdoors smell that instantly refreshes the soul.

After months of having the outside world on "mute", birds chirped.  Neighborhood kids played basketball.  The sound of motorcycles that had been just as cooped up all winter as we had been, hummed in the distance.

I am SO GLAD to have this tiny taste.  I know it will get cold again.  But the promise that warmer, brighter days are coming is so reassuring!

Before we know it, the grass will be turning green, tulips and daffodils will be blooming, the grills will be fired up. 

Just a few more weeks.  We can make it!

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