Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Old Town vs. Our New Town

Speaking of PickleBob's (see previous post), let's start there.

Old town: PickleBob's
New town: Sonic (within a 20-minute drive of course.)

Old town: Mountain View Highschool
New town: Mountain Views.

Old town: 15 miles to Buffalo Wild Wings.
New town: 15 seconds to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Old town: Residents argued against Disney.
New town: Patrick Henry argued religious freedom at town courthouse.

Old town: Jiffy Lube Live!
New town: Real Jiffy Lube

Old town: Cupake Heaven
New town: Knakal's Bakery

Old town: Ponds
New town: Lake Pelham

Old town: Regal Cinemas
New town: Cute Cinemas!

More to come. Also, this spring I am going to do a pictural tour of Culpeper! Stay tuned!

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