Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More of Jim's Gems

Since I introduced a new feature in my last entry that highlights my husband's funny quotes was such a big hit, (seriously, I'm up followers by 40% and up daily hits by a lot of %), I thought I'd document a few more:


After explaining a juicy story in great detail about what I thought that someone had said at work, I warned:

"...but don't quote me."

"I try not to." - Jim

(me, every afternoon after picking Jim up at work)

After George had stolen half of a tray of chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake (it's a real thing)
earlier that morning, Jim got home from work, swung open the front door, and upon seeing George prancing around declared:

"You're alive!!!!!!"  - Jim


I had spent some time one afternoon finishing laundry completely.  This included the rarity of putting the folded laundry away in it's proper places, as well as the clothes on hangers into the closet.
Normally, Jim would travel from laundry room to dresser to closet and back to each again at the start of each day to track down that day's attire.
The day after my domesticness:

"Wow, it sure feels great to do some one-stop shopping."  - Jim

(Sorry, no picture of this.  You're welcome.)

After day number 8759843 of carpooling together, between my gossipy work stories (see first photo above), Jim was trying to listen to the faint background static that consisted of espn radio.
When the DJ's guest was explaining that the guys on such-and-such basketball team were slacking because they were playing in games for 38 minutes,
I tried to sound interested:

"So basically they are slacking because they are in the game for so long, and
therefore think they are hot stuff?" - me

"No."  -Jim

(looooong pause)

"Shall we just leave it at that?" - me

"Yes.  But thanks for playing."  - Jim

I feel your pain, Sister.

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