Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jim's Gems

During my first (almost) 4 years of marriage, I have come to this belief:
A husband possessing a sense of humor is essential to a marriage's success.
(and of course their wives that appreciate it and can play along).

I started taking note of all of the funny things that Jim says on a daily basis, and noticed a trend
happening across the blog world of wives doing the same, but blogging them.

I love the idea of wives sharing their husband's witty words and think it can be funny and also beneficial
with relating with one another and encouraging each other's marriages.

So, I will do the same.  Without further ado, I present Jim's Gems:

While I was watching a new(?) show on TLC, the announcer was explaining the basis of the cat-fight-esque show:
"...And all 4 brides will have a chance to attend and then rate each other's wedding!  The bride with the most points in the end receives their dream Honeymoon!  Thank you for watching '4 weddings!' "
"....and maybe a funeral"  - Jim, from the next room


After jumping on the iPhone bandwagon last a few weeks back and downloading the first free app that I could find...I whined:
"You won 'Ant Smasher'??  How did you do that, I've been trying to get past level 1 for 3 weeks, but I keep accidentally smashing the bee instead."
"You have to tap....strategically." - Jim

(We carpool together now, hence all the misleading 'free time')


After realizing that jumping on bandwagons was infact fun, I challenged Jim in "Words with Friends":

" 'Bo'???  You cannot make fun of me for my last word, 'ho'." - me
"You inspired me." - Jim


"Why didn't I get that double word!!!!!" - me
"Because I got it.  First come first serve baby!" - Jim


(after my 50-something point move)
" 'Arbor' ????  What the hell!!!!!" - Jim


While putting away Christmas decorations, Jim bravely asked me to hand him the box of open ornament hooks, which I immediately dropped and watched scatter all over the floor:

"...pretend I'm not a klutz."  - me
(without changing voice tone/expression)  "I don't have enough time."  -Jim

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