Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm back?

I really really really really want to start blogging again.

In fact, I've said it a dozen times in the past several weeks:

"I'm going to blog tonight!"

I end up sitting down at the computer, opening up blogger, and reading a thousand other blogs that are really pretty, interesting, and not-boring.  And then I think: "my life is so boooooring".

And maybe it is.  But I guess that just means I can have a boring blog, right?  As long as I'm writing it down, I'm happy.

Glad I got that off my chest.  So, here is what I did today:

I woke up bright & early and scrubbed the house like a mad woman.  My aunt was coming to visit the house for the first time today (along with my cousin and her son- she's been here before but not since it's been moved into).  I had surgery a few weeks ago (more about that in a future post?) and they were coming to visit.

Jim tended to the yard work while Sadie sulked.

My aunt loves all things lemon so I went to work making these amazing lemon bars.

The recipe calls for Meyer lemons, and since I've made these two other times VERY successfully with just that, I stopped by the only store I've ever known to sell them yesterday.  They were out.  I settled for regular lemons and added honey for sweetness per the sales rep.  But that did not stop Jim from buying me...

a Meyer lemon tree today.  For future lemon bars!

After my aunt and cousin arrived we did a little downtown touristy shopping.  Here's one of my favorite little shops:

Where I fell for and bought this hat:

I bought a few other goodies:

Which leads me to now.  I love beer in the summer & fall.  My current fav is a local brewery, endorsed by Dave Matthews himself:

Although you can usually find me with a Magic Hat in hand, this one gets 8.5 stars. 

Tune-in in 2014 when I write my next blog post!  (kidding...hopefully?)


Jenny said...

I love that hat, I LOVE Starr Hill, and I love you! So glad you're 'back.' I've been praying for you friend!

Lisa said...

I had to contain my excitement when I saw this post! Glad you're back!
Those bars look great- I'll have to keep an eye out for Meyer lemons. And you guys live in the cutest place- such fun shops and things to do!