Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Posting from my iPhone

(Because I have the urge to blog now that my computer is spending a few weeks at geek squad camp!)

I did something crazy the other day. I joined a gym. 

Not because I wanted to. Not because I was actually going to follow one of the many workout plans I've been adding to Pinterest hourly. Because I won a gift certificate. 
Now I've never been the gym-going type. I've always consistently and proudly run with the "race home and drink as much wine as possible after work" crowd. But I had this certificate that I did not want to waste, so I decided to cash it in. 

And cash it in I did. After signing on the dotted line, I immediately raced to the gym floor as eager as the first day of kindergarten. I felt great! Confident! I'm a gym-goer! 

I stopped dead in my tracks as I reached the gym's perimeter. 


...stared me straight in the face. 

Instantly, I felt all:

My feeling was temporary however. For after the first workout, I came back the next day! And the next, and the next. It's been 5 consecutive days so far! And while my esteem is elevated and after each 5lb dumbbell rep I feel like this:...

It's more like uh-this:

And this:

 Which, with my husband's constant encouragement, will soon turn to this:

Stay tuned!

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Lisa said...

haha- all these pictures made me laugh. Gyms intimidate me (or maybe just the regulars there?)! Props to you for joining!