Monday, July 7, 2014

Recent Happenings

What's been going on recently:

The weather finally turned beautiful (ok, like 3 months ago) and we've been enjoying our new deck!

We've slowly been adding furniture:)

Sadie loves it, obviously!

 We really have enjoyed some beautiful sunsets.  And of course with some Rappahannock wine! 

So we decided to add some height to our front flower bed this year.  (We always seem to buy a new tree or bush each spring.)  This year we bought the "blue star" from the nursery.  Not extremely blog-worthy except as we were checking out, we 300 received free.....
 Live ladybugs.

I released them ASAP.

Work is going well. 

And as always, I love capturing the most random vehicles as we all sit together on 66:


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