Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - My First Year

2009 has been a year full of firsts for me, and being that it's only March, that's pretty impressive. I celebrated my first Valentine's Day as a married woman, made my first dinner without needing to pull the smoke detector's batteries out, and will (I hope/better) get my first raise in 2 years. The only thing that was missing was getting addicted to a new TV show. So why not American Idol?

I've been a pretty faithful "AI" watcher this season. I even stay up an hour past my bedtime on Tuesday nights. My husband has even suffered silently on evenings when AI is extended to a 3rd night of the week, when it takes the time slot of "Bones", my husband's second-favorite show next to Obama's weekly speeches. Anyway, here's the big news: At work today, as my boss' boss called me into his office and I started preparing myself for what he would be asking of me...he threw a piece of paper towards me. "You have to join the pool! The American Idol Pool!"

That's right. My office as an American Idol Pool.

This week, we are supposed to predict 2 things: Who will be voted off tonight, as well as who will make it to the final 3.

Each week we predict different things (well, like who will be voted off), get points each week for our accuracy, and at the end of the season whomever has the most points wins some dough.

What better way to pay down debt!

Here they are, my predictions for tonight's elimination round:

Jorge and Megan....adios!

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