Friday, March 13, 2009

A Good Week.

What a great week it was! Here's a recap of all the reasons I'm smiling:

1. The week started out with Jim and I sitting down and having a very serious conversation concerning a potentially life-changing decision: to buy or not to buy. ... Billy Joel/Elton John tickets that is! We decided to go for it! So from now until mid-July I will probably listen to Piano Man and Philadelphia Freedom on repeat until the big day...or until Jim decides to rescind the decision and scalp the tickets at the last minute. Either way - I can't wait!

2. I was half right with my American Idol prediction on Wednesday night...which puts me in 2nd place at the office! (along with 15 other people). Jorge went well as Jasmine.

3. Possibly the most exciting news, # 3 and # 4: We got our federal and state tax returns! They went to:

4. We paid off a credit card! The unfortunate news though is that now that Citi isn't banking off of our ridiculous interest rate each month, The Mighty O has decided to increase their share of the stimulus pack - sorry fellow taxpayers. But it had to be done.

5. And the rest of the tax return (since we had so much of it) went to savings and paying down student loans. Weeee.

6. And last but not least...anticipation. I'm going swimming with George tomorrow! Pictures will definitely be taken!

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