Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Commuter Idle"

I drive very, very, very far to and from work.

I start bright and early from my small town, drive through 4 counties, 15 towns/cities, several police jurisdictions.  64.7 miles later, I arrive at destination: cubicle.

The first half of my trip into work, I weave in and out of farm vehicle traffic.  The second half is trying my hardest to avoid crazy drivers doing things like jumping on cars

Grand total Monday-Friday, I drive 647 miles.  Weekly.

Oh, but that is only my full time job!  Add my part-time job,  792.8 miles weekly.  13 hours of commute time.

So boy did I get excited when I heard of a new radio contest!  "Commuter Idle", also known as "who has the worst commute in the washington dc area", sponsored by the all-news DC station.  Winner receives $1,000 towards gas money, as well as a limo ride to/from work!!!!!  Didn't have to tell me twice!

I entered immediately.  This was yesterday, so the results aren't back for a few weeks.  However, I did receive a call from the radio station today, it went a little something like this:

"Dayum gurl!!!!  You sure do have a crazy commute!  If you are a finalist, would you mind being interviewed about your commute?"

(me): "......uh...um...what kind of interview?"  (Please don't be on Fox 5 News at 11)

"Ya know, about your commute!  I'm reading that you commute nearly 800 miles weekly!  Can we interview you if you're a finalist?"

(me again, picturing the horrors that could come by having to break out of my shell for a measely grand.  and limo ride.): "Absolutely!"

So there you have it.  Stay tuned....if I win, maybe they'll send a limo from a certain state west of virginia!

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